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    Ken Gushi's IS300!

    Ken Gushi's IS300!

    You may know him from Formula Drift and the driver of the GReddy Racing's 2JZ powered Toyota 86, but he also has a fun car for his daily machine. 

    The 1JZ VVTi Lexus IS300

    " I recently completed my 1J swap into my 2002 IS300. My purpose was to build a car that I can drive to and from the track, after a long day of drifting, WITH working AC. The swap was straight forward but it can be hard to find solid info. So I'm hoping this video can shed some light.

    Which 1j? Which engine mounts? Engine harness? brackets? how to Intercooler? etc.
    Here is the way I did it. The right way.
    Specs: JZS171 Crown 1JZ VVT-i
    Xcessive Manufacturing PNP Link ECU
    Greddy I/C, Exhaust
    295whp, 300ft.lbs of torque. "